She swims in Venus energies as she works her Wild Rose concoction, and make hydrosols... 

Her kitchen is a wild wood where she manages to distill wildcrafted rose petal, yarrow, fireweed and goldenrod, as she works the treasures and secrets gifted by the land.  She loves using these floral waters throughout her harsh winters, deep in the forest for different healing and beauty applications. Today, she was excited to make a batch of rose water from the dried petals collected on past summers.  Using Rose water every day on her face has done absolute wonders for the tone, quality and hydration level of her skin. The witch doesn't overly care or worry about her wrinkles or anything like that, if she lives long enough to be covered in wrinkles that would mean she had won.  But it's still nice to enjoy using something as a daily routine that really brightens ones appearance.  Rose also belongs to the planet Venus and always connects her to the beautiful, soft, sensual, loving energy of the goddess 


Luna Crone said...

Perfect time, to make a Rose potion.

As Venus is in retrograde, for awhile.

"if she lives long enough to be covered in wrinkles that would mean she had won."

I love that, too.... -smile-

Luna Crone

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