Craft of the Wild Witch tales

Today, she's experimenting with different blends of summer wild berries and wild flowers in her muffins, and cakes. She's making Golden Saskatoon cookies, from the Saskatoon berries with goldenrod flowers found in the wild fields, and a batch of Rose Bay Raspberry muffins, from the raspberries with Fireweed flowers, also known as Rose Bay Willow herb, that bask by the banks of the river.  A mixed batch of both flowers and berries will be confectioned too.  

Later, she will laze around comfortably to the sugary scent wafting throughout her shack.  Her muffins turned out beautifully! And yummy and she really love how she can actually taste the goldenrod flowers pretty strongly in the Golden Saskatoon cookies...  

 "Good experiment!" She declares, as she prepares to turn in for the day.  Up early, she will be gathering moon soaked Yarrow before the sun hits.  

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