Entities of the woods

It's been raining rivers all day today.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love rainy days?  And have I ever mentioned how on certain rainy days when heat and humidity levels are such that strange vapors would exude from the earth like little soulless ghosts, strange and puzzling occurrences are most probably bound to occur?

And would you believe me if I tell you that on those certain rainy days imps and fairies and dwellers of the woods at the outskirts of our gardens would come out of their dens and hiding places and cross the old wooden bridge that connects woods with gardens?  Would you... would you believe me?

Ah yes, I've seen some very strange things happening... strange sightings....  

Puzzling occurrences, like fairies secretly converging for tea and leaving remnants of their soiree behind... between the sun and showers, while grasses whispered tiny things... about you, about us, about this world of ours!

But you would ask, do fairies, gnomes, sprites and goblins really exist? Well, suspend your disbelief for a moment, for all sorts of real-life encounters with creatures from the land of make-believe can, and do happen sometimes... how else would you explain what we're seeing here on this photograph I took of the rain the other day?  

I don't know about you, but I see a giant nymph... and I can attest that this photograph hasn't been photoshopped in the least whatsoever...  an optical illusion?  A trick of the light?  You tell me...

...what I believe of the paranormal, is that there are things our brains just can't understand.

But I do like to believe that fairies do exist...
Are they invisible and inaudible little things-like angels?
or are they more like us humans?

All I know is that magic sparkles everywhere in nature for sure!

Today, a cat I discovered in the garden between rain spells disappeared in front of my very eyes the moment he saw me.  And I had seen a small gray dog who wanders around here from time to time disappear right in front of my eyes... On both these occasions, we've looked at each other, but the moment I turn around they were gone.  Where did they go?  Really, where?

These creatures must be well aware of some invisible hideout somewhere, from where they can freely come out and go into another dimension or something like that.  Otherwise, I don't have an explanation for these occurrences.

Magic swirls all around here...  If you step into that entrance between those walls you see here for example, your hair will flow in a magic fairy dust wind and your skin will get the goosebumps with the mystery floating in the air...

Maybe it's all to do with an inquisitive imagination and the soul of the storyteller?  Maybe all is true and there are things we just cannot understand?

Whatever it is, I believe a garden must combine the poetic and the mysterious, don't you think so!... and maybe that's just what I'm trying to achieve here? ;)

It all has to do with all that rain, I'm sure... for rain surely holds the key to all my tales!  And it was a crazy rain what we had last evening...  It rained so much that I was sure our little white cottage was going to float away, and the little creek on the back of the garden got all swollen up... waters rushed frenetically, while thunder cracked the skies in glimmering flames.  It was scary, and awesome...

Good night world... may your troubles be less and your blessings be more!

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