Meeting in the Magical Forest

I live here.
This is my home
Deep in the magical woods I live...
The way is dark,
The light is dim,
But now there's you and there's me.
We shall meet for tea under the Magical Tree. 
Kindred spirits are always together
We walked always in beauty, it seemed to me.
Let’s get together and feel all right 
But I am here; you are there—two seas,
Five thousand rivers,
One universe apart. 
Feeling that in some way we’ve already met in our dreams
A thousand years ago? 

Perhaps if we walked too far and
Wondered loud enough we could somehow get together for tea?
I’d look to my left
You’d look to your right
Two roads merging in the wood we’d see.
And there are places like this where time stands still,
Where old oaks leads into delicious green darkness
They have kept a piece of me, a dream of you.

But we shall  hasten over the bad
And settle upon the good. 
No time to waste!   
At the stroke of midnight.
Upon our steps to the enchanted forest...
Luminous white and shimmering wings will take us there
Swirling whirling under the moon.
Upon petals so late at night to guide our way by magical lights.
Tip toeing out in forest deep, guiding us while half asleep.
Flitting up and down our dreams,
Reaching out to take our hand… 
Wouldn't you love to come along too?  Oh but we must hurry… we shall meet for tea at the stroke of midnight.  Magic cannot wait.  Be ready!  Alba, the white owl, will be waiting for you to guide you to the enchanted forest, where me and my friends will dance around in the forest after our tea.

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sandy said...

this blog is beautiful.