The cottage in my dreams...

I live here
This is my home...

But you’re there—across the world from me!
We must meet for tea sometime.
Perhaps tonight
At the stroke of midnight?
Oh but we must hurry, there’s no time to waste!
The dark is rising,
You must pay heed to the riddle
The instructions are given:
Upon your steps to my enchanted forest...
Luminous white and shimmering wings
Swirling whirling under the moon.
Upon petals so late at night to guide your way by magical lights.
Tip toe in forest deep, guiding you while half asleep.
Flitting up and down your dreams,
Reaching out to take your hand…
Any idea who I’m sending to escort you all the way to Hollow Woods? You guessed it right! Alba, the white owl of course! Hope you’d come! Oh, and would you let me know if you were able to see Alba in your dreams, or maybe somewhere in your garden? I’d love to know!


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