Fairies in the garden...

I was in the kitchen washing dishes the other day when all of a sudden, I heard the most curious whiz whoosh sound coming from outside… the bumblebees?

I left my lovely dishes soaking up in warm soapy water, and went to the window to find out what it was I heard.

I looked here and there, but saw nothing out of the ordinary… except, perhaps, for the lovely purple morning glory vine growing under my kitchen window.

How lovely this vine is, how sweet and perfect the silky deep purple flowers are, and such joy they bring. And every morning when they first open up, and every time that I come across them in the garden, or while going about my duties in the kitchen and I look and see them peeking in through the open window, I marvel and give thanks to the Creator for this precious vine... Oh yes, its bright flowers are the sweetest, dear, dear little things.

Oh but you mustn't think for a minute that by now I surely had forgotten about the mysterious whiz whoosh sound I heard. Enthralled as I was with the lovely purple flowers growing under my window, I still would not forget that sound. So strange and mysterious it was.

So I looked there, and there, down through a frame of grape leaves, and over towards the end of the garden where the butterfly bushes grow, and to where the weeping willow stands like a ghost each evening bathed in golden light, and still could see nothing.

Then, the whiz whoosh sound again…

Oh I knew where it was coming from. I looked down the path to the front of the garden and what do you know! There it was!

A firefly? A fairy?!

(At least, that’s what I thought it was)

From the petals of the Charisma roses raised the sight and sound of joyously trembling wings. Here… and there, too! It's a fairy, I’m sure!

You see, although I couldn’t quite define her real well, I could still see her fairy shoes clearly as she flew by all round me… She was bouncing and leaping and skipping from rock to rock to bushes to trees so happily… Oh look! And she left something behind!

Some remnants of fabric? Perhaps her skirts? Oh my!
I run to the fountain at once to see what it was...

The buzzing stopped all of a sudden. I was getting way too close! The humming twinkle of little wings stopped. She disappeared so quickly! Where could she have gone? I decided I should wait until nightfall. Fairies are known for their shyness and, maybe she would show up again at dusk? then, I waited all day… until

Something sparkly snuggled in the flowers caught my attention...

Then, a dainty little fairy paused to reveal the innocent face of a child. A lovely face; big brown eyes, and a lovely toothless smile…

A true fairy indeed! Wings of many colors flicker and lift me upward, ever upward to the magical forests of my imaginations.


leon10 said...

hello, I love youre blogs the are so pretty en magical like the story of the fairybird a hummingbird! where I life you dont find them in the wild only in the zoo s very lovely
have a pretty day
greeting leon10

One Conscious Dreamer said...

This is such a delightful story, but I always enjoy reading your adventures into the land of the fairies.

I love morning glory blossoms and the way the open and rise to greet the dawn, then, close again as if sleeping.

blessings and hugs Sharon