The night of the fairies...

I slept in Hollow Woods last night... right at the stroke of midnight I heard a most strange sound—the sound of many wings. Then came a soft screech followed by the magical scent of the deep forest: a spicy pine scent combined with the perfume of oaks and moss and white violets.

When I finally opened my eyes, I saw it: a luminous white, shimmering apparition on golden wings fluttering around the open window of my little cottage.

“Alba!!... oh Alba”!!—I exclaimed, happy to see my beloved feathered friend, for I hadn’t seen Alba within the last full moon or two; her silky, plush wings, furry body, and mysterious face a lovely, ethereal vision to behold on a summer’s night.

Alba is a white owl from the woods of Hollow Woods, but some people in our village prefer to call her “Ghost Owl”. They believe she carries the soul of the dead in her yellow eyes, and insist on believing that she’s a dweller of both worlds...

Alba was happy to see me... as happy as I was; I’m sure. She fluttered about me; her head swiveling around and when those eyes met mine; they said to me: “I’m so glad to see you!”

Next thing I knew I was looking down at a lovely mossy spot deep down the forest’s path, where Alba had taken me… so this is where the fairies live!—the magic ring of Hollow Woods; I thought!

All around me fairies were sliding up and down from the tree tops to the mossy ground, on silver moonbeams… It was the most fantastic thing I had ever seen!

The fairies then brought out a lovely mirror; not an ordinary one, mind you, but a magic one, in which one had only to look to be able to see far away… very far away, indeed! And then, the strangest thing ever happened… I saw YOU! Yes yes I’m sure it was you… in your garden under the gypsy moon!

I knew right then and there how much you would love coming to Hollow Woods… we would have tea under a bright yellow moon and hang good wishes in the magical night sky. Shall I send Alba to guide you here?

Now, I will say to you: Go to your garden tonight and wait by the light of the moon for swirling whirling and fluttering wings, for this is the night a fairy shall appear to you.

Hope you’ll come!

Art: Angela Barnett

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rachelsmith133 said...

Oh how lovely. I shall make sure to be in my garden tonight.